Mavion, Inc.
About Us

For Enterprises, Mavion offers expertise in architecting, designing and deployment of:

  • Desktop security suits including Application White Listing, Application control, Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS), AntiVirus, Data Leak Protection, Authorization Management, Device Access Control, and disk encryption
  • Desktop and Server Virtualization with VMWare, Citrix, and Microsoft Hypervisor
  • Enterprise Identity Management: Smart Cards, HSPD-12, Certificate Authority Design, multi-factor authentication including SecurID

Mavion experts, working with CIO, CTO, CISO and Enterprise Architect level executives, assist organizations in defining a strategic direction and building business case for adopting emerging technologies.

For Independent Software Vendors, Mavion offers expertise in architecting, designing and implementing Custom Security Development solutions.

Our Services

Technology Consultant for CIO/CTO Level Executives

  • Technical Project Management and Early Project Risk Assessment
  • Assisting Executive Teams with Evaluation and Strategic Decisions making on Emerging Technologies for Enterprises

Cloud Computing and DataCenter Design, tradeoffs, Private Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud

  • Migration implications on Enterprise Security and Security Compliancy standards (COBIT, ISO 27000)
  • Migration implications on Enterprise Networks

Virtualization Impact Analysis for Enterprises

  • Effects of Virtualization on the Enterprise Security Landscape
  • Applications of Virtual Appliances for cost saving
  • Virtualization Impact on the Enterprise Network Design
  • Virtualization Impact on the storage-data usage patterns and the resulting delays on the Virtualized systems

Desktop Security Engineering

 We assist your organization in choosing the best approach for your company. We design, and technically manage to deliver a working and end-user friendly Desktop Security Solutions. We provide:

  • Application White Listing and Application Control (including Microsoft AppLocker)
  • Hardening Windows Security via Group Policies
  • Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS) Deployment
  • Data Leak Protection
  • Authorization Management, Windows Privilege Escalation Control
  • Device Access Control
  • Disk encryption

Custom Security Development

  • Kernel Virtual Device Drivers for Windows and Linux Platforms
  • Specialized Desktop Firewalls with Windows Filtering Platform
  • Cryptographic Kernel and Windows Crypto API design and implementation
  • Smart Card Middleware development
  • Windows File System Filters, Registry Filters, and Network and NDIS filters
  • Central Management Platform Design for Distributed Endpoints with Cryptographic Protocols

Custom Web Software Development

  • ASP.NET, AJAX, HTML 5.0 components, Web Parts development
  • Dreamweaver, Microsoft Web Expression extensions (CSS&PHP&HTML 5)
  • Adobe Flash development
  • Web oriented Realistic 3D Modeling, and Animation design for Web Artistry

Windows 7 Embedded System Implementation

  • Hardware Specific Windows 7 Embedded Image Creation
  • POS (Point of Sales) Ready Windows Embedded
  • Windows Thin PC

Mobile Software Development

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 7
  • Android
  • Apple iPad, iPod


  • .NET Security for Developers: .NET Security and Mixed Code Development
  • Hands-on Microsoft Expression Web
  • Hands-on Cloud Computing with Azure